Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Watcher Over The City

While living in Italy I had a 5 day weekend for Thanksgiving and chose to head to Paris for the holiday. After taking the overnight train and getting into Paris really early I wandered the town for several hours before I could check into my hostel. I chose to buy one of the three day museum passes and was determined to get my money's worth and stated hitting museum after museum. I managed to see every open room in the Louvre in one day...and hit the musée d'Orsay that same afternoon! After the museum fest of the first few days I took some time to see some of the other traditional sites and around sunset ended up at Notre Dame. When you climb the towers they have you go up one tower, across the top of the church and then down the other tower. There was a really long line to get to the top and it is pretty much single file across the church. I noticed the sun going down to the west and hung around for a few minutes to get the sun in line with this gargoyle. The only problem was that to prevent people from jumping or throwing things form the top the entire walkway is covered with a wire cage. So, to get this shot without the wire lines in front of it I had to pass the camera through the mesh and hold it out at arm's length hoping I was aiming where I intended and that I didn't drop the camera! Luckily I succeeded on both accounts. I have some other pictures that highlight the gargoyles but I like the silhouette aspect of this one--I hope you do too.

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Courtney said...

I like how, in silhouette, the gargoyle seems to be smiling.