Sunday, February 17, 2008

Feeling a bit Sheepish

This past summer I had the chance to visit Scotland and England with my family and we had a wonderful time. Most of the trip was spent up in Scotland and needless to say there were LOTS of pictures of sheep taken. We found these sheep in the town of Killin right next to Hamish the Highland Coo. Hamish is a standard Highland Coo that is kept next to a Woolen Mill as a tourist attraction--stop and take photos of Hamish...and then buy things at the woolen mill :) We did find some more Highland Coos farther north being kept by real farmers too. I took many pictures of sheep that I think are really kinda cute such as this one, and this one, but I really like the way this guy is peeking above the tall grasses...a bit more understated than the others.


screamofcontinuousness said...

I LOVE the highland coos ! They are so wild looking.

Sharon said...

Boy he's handsome! Love him peeking through the grass.

Sharon :-)