Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Never Take This Picture

Hello! Just a short note today as I am in the middle of grading g-chem exams but I needed a little break :-) This picture comes form Indiana in 1997 when I was a grad student at Purdue. I have titled it as a picture you should never take because if you look closely you will see that this is taken out of the window of a moving car--it is of the driver's side view mirror looking back at a fantastic sunset. I have always liked how the sunset is mirrored in the car's side window as well as the sky itself. Also, it was dark in front of the car so there is a great dark framing to the picture. Just don't tell my mom how I took it!

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Anonymous said...

hehehehehe. look ma, no hands!

I remember driving into a sunset once. My mom finally drew my attention to the fact that I was going 90 mph. I guess I was trying to get up enough speed to fly up into the clouds?