Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Don't Trip, See You Next Fall

Purdue in 1994. This was my first Fall in Indiana and I loved all of the color. I am a California boy and yes, we do get winters there and it even snowed in Walnut Creek (where I grew up) 4 times in the 20 something years my family lived there. Usually we even got below freezing several times a winter. However, we just don't have as many trees that change such purty colors in the fall. I often just headed around town looking at these gorgeous trees that were probably 50-60 feet high and really impressive all decked out in colors. I found that if I included some blue sky it added a great contrast to really accentuate the colors of the foliage.

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Courtney said...

Beautiful photo! Painful puns . . . Hee!