Friday, February 22, 2008

It Wasn't Built in a Day...

Other than flowers, one of the types of images I look for in my photography are nifty patterns--especially smaller parts of larger of objects. This picture comes from the Pont Du Gard in southern France and was taken in 2005 when I was traveling around after teaching in Italy for the year. The Pont was built in 19 BC by Augustus' son-in-law and aide, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa. So, there has been plenty of time for weather to work its magic on the stones of the bridge. This was actually my second visit to the Pont du Gard as I was there when I was in 7th grade as well (and once again in the summer of 2006--I just can't seem to stay away :-) ). When we visited as kids you could still walk across the third level (which was where the water was carried--it is an aqueduct after all) 160 feet in the air. Not sure my mom was too happy about us running around on the top but alas, it has been closed since then so I wasn't able to try it again so many years later :-) These stones were down on the first level and I just really liked the way they had been weathered. Not only is the pattern nifty, but it is a visual represenation of the age of the structure--cool!

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