Thursday, September 11, 2008

Williamsburg Wonderfullness

Here are a selections of goodies from the Williamsburg area! I had the chance to head out there for Spring break this year and there were many a nifty site to be seen. If you had told me as a kid that I would volunteer to go on a historically themed vacation I would have told you you were crazy :) But as I get older, even the learning vacations are fun!!!

This is a goodie from the Richmond Botanical Gardens--I like the patterns.

And now to Williamsburg--one of the aspects of the city that makes it fun to visit is that as a part of the living history they recreate many of the crafts from the 1600's and 1700's int he traditional manner. One of those crafts is the spinning and dying of wool. They hand the wool from the rafters to dry before weaving which is how I got this shot.
Another Williamsburg craft they keep up are the traditional cooking methods--seen here is a baked potato hedgehog which I am sure is traditional!!
While visiting the area I also ended up over in Richmond, VA so had to visit a battlefield or two to prove that I was a true patriot. (Side note: there is a shop in Richmond that takes the patriotism thing (with a Republican bent) more seriously then I knew's s little scary. I really don't need a tie with George Bush or Newt Gingritch surrounded by USA flags on it!). But, the battle field was interesting and in the museum you can see this--one of General George Washington's actual tents! This was his command tent through much of the war. A nifty connection with history!
Every battlefield needs a cannon or two!

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The plant reminds me of a peacock with its tail feathers unfurled!