Friday, September 5, 2008

Major Cuteness!

Ok, thought I'd do a collection are some of the way to cute animal babies we ran into while traveling. They are from a variety of parks--enjoy!

Hippolet from Hwange National Park in Zimbabwae

Baby elephant and mom also from Hwange. I love how the baby kept his tail in the air the whole time he walked across the watering hole with his mom--I guess he really didn't want to get it wet!

This is one of the lion cubs that we walked with in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwae--the female this time.

Botswana Baboons! When they are younger they rude under mom and when older (or depending on how fast she is traveling, they will sit on her back as well.

I love the ears! (Also Botswana)

Chobe park In Botswana seems to have been a heaven for the little ones--the baboons above as well as this giraffe and the elephants at the bottom of the post! We ran into this family grouping a couple of times and took pictures of the cuteness every chance we got!

Two different elephant babies from Chobe in Botswana. the first was on his/her way down to the river around dusk to get a last drink and the second cam down for a mud bath :)

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