Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ooooo...See the Birdie

The Blue Bird of Happiness taking a bath

Purty birdie (another blue bird possible...female? molting...so many possibilities!) roosting on the sprinkler it is now illegal to use in Georgia. Maybe someday I will get to use it again!
Woodie Woodpecker came for a visit :)

One who quoths nevermore...

The camera was getting pretty squirrelly here!

This past weekend I finally refilled my bird feeder after about 2 weeks of flaking (sorry birds!) and a couple days later the birds had found it again! Lots of visitors. Not my best shots but still fun. These were taken from the upstairs window through a screen so the quality isn't great but I didn't want to scare them away. :-)

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Courtney said...

The second bird is also a bluebird. I think it might be a female, but it could be a male molting. These are great pictures--even more amazing because I know the distance from which you took them and the gauge of the screen. Wow!