Friday, March 7, 2008

Viking Seep!

OK, today’s post was chosen just because it is really darned cute! I was traveling in Denmark went out to Trellborg on the western part of Sjælland. There is not too much left, but this was a Viking settlement in the late 10th century. It is at the confluence of 2 rivers and was likely part of Harold Bluetooth’s network of military forts to secure his power after unifying the area. There is a very large circular earthen-work (over 100 meters in diameter) that was originally 7-8 meters tall and a dry moat in a ‘V’ shape in front of it. Inside there were 2 roads forming a cross and in each of the quadrants there were 4 long houses forming a square. The earthen-work still exists and they have excavated the post holes (and some posts) for all of the buildings. Some of the moat is still there as well. The fort didn’t have the best history…begun in ~980 AD, done by 990 (well the moat wasn’t quite done but…), Attacked in ~992 and abandoned by 1000. Only about 10 years of active use. Not the best considering the massive manpower it took to build it. I have posted several pictures of it in my Flickr account here. The sheep hanging around now-a-days seem to appreciate it all the ruins though and could really care less about all of the tourists wandering around their grazing area. You do need to watch out for the sheep dropping, who know that Viking settlements had such slippery footings!!!

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