Friday, February 20, 2009

Picture? What Picture?!?!

An icon...seen in real life...and it is darned tall!!  Needless to say, seeing the David in person was very impressive.  And just in case you are curious, you are not supposed to take pictures so you don't actually see this one.  I would never take a picture where I am not supposed to! :)  The Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence is a small, though good museum.  David is certainly impressive, though I find the Nonfiti (unfinished slaves) be be equally fascinating.  Seeing the creative process is amazing. 
     Most people only come to see David and the Nonfiniti and miss the rest of the museum.  Most people don't even realize that there is a second floor!  In fact, the average visit time, based on ticket sales and other data the museum collects is just 7 1/2 minutes.!  If you ever go, take a little more time to enjoy!  If you are on a tour, make them wait for you :)

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