Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Red, White, Yellow, and Green

A little change of pace today. We will get back to Africa soon enough but I had the chance to take a whole lot of pictures at the Atlanta Botanical Garden this past weekend. Of course, if I am going to a botanical garden I will have my camera and often take lots of pictures. Sometimes I get some good ones and other times not so much. This was a good trip in that I managed to get 4 or 5 ones that I really like. This one was fun because I didn't think I had captured the picture so I didn't really remember/note it. When I was going through the pictures that night I came across thsi one and was pleasantly surprised! Always nice to find one that you didn't think was going to work. I like the focus and the subject of course, and the diagonal line of the stem is a nice entrance to the picture. What I like best though is the delineation of the color. The red, white, yellow, and green are all such strong colors, especially against the blurred, dark background, and they are so tightly restricted to small, distinct areas. Me like!

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Nancy Denney said...

Wow! That picture truly speaks to me. It is enchanting. You even seem to have caught a little drop of water on the stem. Anyway that is what it looks like to me, and I love it.