Monday, June 23, 2008

Mom's Favorite

June 5 and a sunset cruise on the Kwando river in Namibia (who ever thought I would be in Namibia some day?!?!) and we ran into another of my mom's favorite animals! OK, that may be a bit of a sarcastic exaggeration :) This guy was a BIG one, estimated to be in the 5ish meter range. We were on a boat and so safe as long as none of us hopped out to say hi! His full picture is below, but I liked the textures of the ridges along his back and I think that they made for an interesting picture. We ran into many a crocadile thoughout the trip of a variety of sizes. I think that this guy may be the winner for largest.


Courtney said...

While I don't like you getting so close, I do love the close-up photo, the ridges against the grass texture. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

I always wished I had a camera with me. I had a close up opportunity like that once in the Okefenokee. Only our gator (or croc, I can't keep em straight) had a tiny brilliant green tree frog perched just between the eye ridges. He was using the gator as a barge. it just kills me that I didn't get that photo.

nice job.