Friday, May 9, 2008

10 Little Peppers, All in a Row

Time to look around Barcelona! All of it :) Started out heading north from the youth hostel a couple of block to the Mercat San Josep. This is a huge fruit, vegetable, meat and fish market and one of the best I have even been in around the world. It was beautiful and the stand owners took so much obvious pride in their wares that they were presented beautifully. I mean, even the green beans and cherries were all lined up! So, I spend about an hour wandering around and taking pictures. A couple people looked at me a bit odd as it really is a working market, but many of the merchants seemed happy to have me photograph their stalls. They had obviously spent a lot of time setting them up and were proud of them. I love the order to this picture, and the contrast of colors--always been one of my favorites.


Courtney said...

Beautiful! And now I am very hungry.

screamofcontinuousness said...

yummmmm. Stir fry anyone?